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Who are we?

Patrick Michielsens

Patrick Michielsens

With a study background of languages, economics and coaching, I am fascinated by human dynamics and how they can impact the success of organisations. I am especially energised by learning and stimulating organisations, teams and (senior) managers to take on new perspectives and behaviours in work, so that they are able to be much more effective in actions and to deliver greater results.

Having more than 15 years of training, consulting & coaching experience at KULeuven and Deloitte, I have guided several complex transformation projects for CFO’s at very known Belgian companies as Bpost, NMBS, Euroclear and Fortis.

With CoachCab Nico and I support organisations and their management to create working cultures where people thrive, develop their best self and grow business.


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Nico Foqué

Nico Foqué

People. The way they interact. How they plan, organize and execute things. How they search and grow and get results in organizations. That fascinates me.

I have an engineering background and a professional career of 18 years in a variety of business roles at Electrabel and Materialise. I have experienced and dealt with growth pains and (international) organizational challenges both as Business Unit Director (Materialise 2007-2012) and as Vice President Human Resources (Materialise 2012-2017).  

It has brought me the expertise to tangibly support people, teams and organizations in their dealing with change, growth and performance. And it has further strengthened my focus on people’s strengths ànd results.


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Our values

We believe that values are important for organisations, because they guide people. If values are lived  and shared, they have the power to create a sense of belonging, work pride, group spirit, loyalty & commitment.  The three values below guide us in our work, being it coaching, consulting or training.



Feeling authentic is accepting and understanding who you are, what you are standing for, what you really want. This applies to people as well as organisations (i.e. mission, vision). Getting to your authentic self, gives  energy, confidence and the strength to take up change. So we stimulate our clients to act  in their own, authentic way.


On a daily basis we make a lot of choices, but often we are not aware of it. We have this feeling of “being lived” instead of “living”. Fortunately enough, we have much more control over our life, our circumstances, our environment than we think. It always starts with: “what do I want and what can I do to make a change?


Courage is the key component of change. Courage is often needed: courage to give feedback on poor quality, courage to say “no”, courage to start an conversation to solve an issue. As a coach, we are passionate to stimulate and support people to take up courage and dare to change.

Our Inspiration

Ideas start living through the interaction with others. Many people have inspired or gave input to the development of CoachCab. We want to give special credit to two people, because of their strong inspirational messages:
    • Jef Clement of the Institute of Selfmanagement, who gives a fantastic coaching training, with a multitude of new deep insights. He has learned us to see things differently, to acknowledge and accept what is difficult, as a starting point for lasting change. More info?
    • Richard Boston who has inspired us to start with CoachCab. His three leadership skills (ARC) are a continuous inspiration to go out of the comfort zone and discovering true potential. A must read!