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Deloitte Consulting is one of the most prestigious consulting and audit company in the world. To enhance the competencies and skills of its senior people, it invests strongly in personal coaching to make seniors ready for the next step in their career.


CoachCab provides coaching to senior managers that want to improve their leadership style and team management skills. Typical coaching topics are about authenticity, inspiration & motivation, conflict & feedback, growing as a leader in vision and action.


“These 6 sessions have been a great energy booster and came at the right moment to let me take a step back and reflect differently on what I really wanted to achieve and how. Patrick uses his talent and a set of techniques to trigger the right questions that helped me “discover” my leadership style. The sessions were intellectually enriching, concrete and resulted in clear ideas on which to focus to better steer my team and inspire with a vision.
I had doubts about what one could achieve in only 6 sessions (10 hours) – but this ended up being the most stimulating and profitable “training” that I’ve ever had. Thanks a lot Patrick!”
Charles Palmieri, Senior Manager