Management Coaching on presentation & communication skills


Postal Industry



Bpost has identified a number of high potentials, that will benefit from personal coaching to step up to the next level in their career.


CoachCab provides coaching to senior managers that want to improve their leadership style & team management skills to progress their career. For this track monthly sessions (12) were performed to improve presentation & communication skills towards teams and top management.


I really appreciated the CoachCab no-nonsense approach. We clearly stated the goals from the start and those were our guidelines throughout the sessions. Patrick is really result-oriented. During our journey, we always dealt with actual cases. I could always immediately apply what I had been coached on and give feedback by the next coaching session: it was an iterative process. What I liked about Patrick is that he really wants to understand his “customer” and he makes sure we get the best result possible. I appreciated the honesty and openness along our journey, no sales speech but a clear focus on my challenges and difficult situations. What I especially learned during this coaching track sounds like a famous slogan: “Just Do It””

Joris BartholoméICT Program Manager